Public Transit

Public transit on the Island of Montreal is covered by the ARTM - Authorité Régionale de Transport Métropolitain. It comprises the buses, metro(subway), REM(light rail), trains and river shuttles. To use any of these forms of transit, you will need either a refillable Opus card, or non-refillable passes that you can purchase before your transit, at the airport or station from which you are departing. You can use cash, but you will need exact change, and this is hardly the most convenient way.

A note on transit cards: 

The Opus card is only good for refilling with fares valid in zone A, which is only the island of Montreal. Zone B includes what is called the South Shore, and will include the hotel, and any transit going into and out of the city. The 1-trip, 2-trip, and 10-trip fares, for All-Modes AB will net you a non-reusable card, but it will also not cost the $6 that a new Opus card costs on top of the price of the fare. And all modes means you will be able to use the card for the bus, metro(subway), REM(light rail), and trains as much as you want. 

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to transit from the airport to the hotel, mind you, you will need to buy a day pass, not a per-trip pass. The only way to make the entire trip is to take the 747-YUL bus to Central Station, and then transfer to the REM to head to Brossard, and the per-trip cards do not cover the fare for the 747-YUL bus. (see below for fares, and note that fares with (1) include the 747)
For the entire trip from the airport to the hotel, see the walkthrough here.

Use this site for research on the public transit and associated fares:

(Pertinent municipalities: Dorval is the airport, Brossard is the hotel, and Montreal is downtown) 

Other options for passes include the Unlimited Evening and Unlimited Weekend Passes:

(Note that these fares increased to $6.25 and $15.75 on July 1st, 2024)

The light rail station (Station du Quartier) is at the end of the same commercial area where the hotel is located. There are machines in all the stations to purchase the required passes, as well as some pharmacies in the area. For the per-ride passes, they activate when you pass through the turnstile to get on the transit and are valid for 120 minutes, while the multi-day passes work the same way, within the allotted times. 

(note: above information retrieved directly from the ARTM website, and up-to-date as of July 1st, 2024)