Journey from YUL to DIX30


Journey from YUL to DIX30
- a walkthrough - 

If you are flying into Montréal - Trudeau International Airport (YUL), you will likely be exiting through these doors, after having passed through immigration, and collected your carry-on bags. This is where your journey begins.
Before the rotating doors to exit the airport, you will want to turn right. This will bring you to the STM help desk and the ticket vending machines. 
Here is where you will purchase your pass for riding the 747 airport bus AND the REM light rail. If you have any questions or trouble with this next part, you can inquire at the desk. These agents deal with incoming tourists all day long, and speak excellent English.

Sidequest: How to navigate the ticket machine. 

Don't be a hero. Switch the interface to English. Press the silver button to confirm the selection - the screen is not a touch screen.
Select "non-rechargeable" card. The OPUS card is a rechargeable one and useful if you plan to make many trips, but it is recommended more for people who live here, or are staying for a longer period. For the purpose of this trip, don't spend the extra money on the purchase of the OPUS card on top of the fares to actually use the transit.
Choose the right transit for you : There are three options that are recommended for the purpose of this quest. First, Zone AB All modes passes covers your transits on any public transportation, including the 747 airport bus. Alone, one ride on the 747 costs $11,  plus the ticket to ride the REM light rail, so you are saving money no matter which pass you buy. The 24-hour pass lets you ride an unlimited amounts of times in a 24-hour period, starting from your first ticket validation. The 3-days pass does the same, over a 72-hour period, and is what I recommend for people spending the weekend at Mysterium, but returning to the airport Sunday. The Unlimited Weekend pass offers a special rate, but will only be active from 4 pm Friday to 5 am Monday, so might require some precise scheduling, but can be a good option, too. 

Once you confirm your pass selection, and the quantity required (yes, you can buy as many as you need for the whole family, and they will each be printed on a separate card), you will be prompted to pay. Note that these machines accept Visa or Mastercard, as well as debit cards, but you are required to insert the card and punch in your PIN. There is no option for tapping the cards as a form of payment.
You are now rewarded with the coveted public transportation pass. Guard it with your life. Continue on your journey.
Continue past the STM help desk and ticket machines, turning left at door 28 to exit the terminal. This is also the direction to the Uber lifts, if you are so inclined and have ordered one, but where's the fun in that challenge? Note that this is also a good place to use the public restrooms, as they are at the far end of the airport, and much less frequented.
Turn right upon exiting onto the sidewalk. You will see this sign indicating the way to the 747 airport bus.
Continue to follow the blue 747 airport bus signs around the left-hand curve to the end of the sidewalk.
Enter the bus shelter at the end of the sidewalk to get in line for the bus.
Make sure to get into the left line for the 747 airport bus - this is the line that makes all the stops between the airport and the terminus at Berri-UQAM. This is important because you will be getting off at one of the stops, not going to the end of the line.
As this is the airport bus, there are less seats. but 3 large racks on which to store your luggage for the ride. And you will want to store your luggage - the ride is at least 30 minutes long, you do not want to have to hold your luggage for all that time. Don't be a hero.
The bus has a small LED screen that announces the stops, which is good because the audio announcements are too quiet to be heard when the windows are open. Keep an eye on this. "Prochaine arrêt" means next stop, so you will be looking for Prochaine arrêt - René-Lévesque/Mansfield, which are the names of the cross streets.
This is the bus shelter at the corner of René-Lévesque and Mansfield, where you get off the bus. The stop is right in front of the Mary-Queen-of-the-World Basilica, which is a pretty easy-to-spot landmark. 
This is the Basilica. You can see the name engraved across the front in French: Basilique Marie-Reine-Du-Monde Cathédrale
Walk in the same direction as the bus just went. Cross the street(wait for the green light, please, jay-walking is illegal in Montréal) towards the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, and enter the door just to the left of the hotel. The door is labeled Gare Centrale - Central Station. 
Enter the maze that is the Underground City: At the bottom of the stairs, you will see a florist to your left. Take the righthand fork. There are signs posted above the corridor(see circle), but they are small and really not noticeable. 
You know are going the right way if you pass between the Première Moisson bakery and the SAQ, which is the provincial liquor retailer in Québec. Feel free to stop and browse - the croissants are excellent!
Don't get lost now : Just past the bakery, take a right and follow the middle corridor towards the large hall that is Central Station. 
You know you have taken the right path if you see the Second Cup coffee shop to your left. Keep walking straight towards Central Station.
This is where the tunnel opens up. Take a deep breath, and continue walking straight through the large hall towards the corridor indicated in the image. There is another STM help desk to your left, should you need it, but take heart! I promise you are almost home free. 
Upon entering the next corridor, look to your left for the brightly-lit entrance to the REM - the brand-new light rail. There is elevator, escalator and stair access to the platforms on the lower level. Choose your preferred method to descend further into the underground.
Regardless of choice, you will have to make a right at the bottom to head towards the train. Note that the elevator is tucked in behind the escalator, so you will have to walk out from behind it and towards the right to find the train.
Time for a puzzle! This is the gate blocking your way to accessing the trains. What do you do?
Scan your newly-acquired transit pass over the white sensor on the machine, and watch as the doors slide open before you! Walk on through. Wait for you travel companions, and continue straight forward to the train platform.
Welcome to the Central Station REM station. It's a little redundant. Check the overhead screens for the next train. Don't worry about which train to take - there is only one working for the moment, and it only travels one way, to and from Brossard. You won't get lost.
Do take advantage of the free wifi offered throughout the entire REM system, including in the stations. Enjoy the views of the city as you travel, they are pretty spectacular.
The third stop is Du Quartier, your destination on the South Shore. It is behind the Cineplex Odeon theatre, so you can't miss it.
Upon exiting the train car, take any of the stairs or elevators to the upper floor of the Du Quartier station. 
Head to the end of the station with the tunnel, on the left side when you are facing the Cineplex Odeon. Turn right to enter the tunnel that heads to Quartier Dix30. Sortie is French for "exit" - this is the exit you are looking for.
Follow the tunnel over the highway. 
At the end of the tunnel, go down the stairs and out the door. 
Ahead of you is yet another tunnel. Enter and follow it to the right - it will take you all the way around the Cineplex Odeon.
At the end of this last tunnel, take a left towards the pedestrian crossing.
Follow this crosswalk to the sidewalk in front of the Cineplex. Walk all the way to the main doors, then turn right to face the entirety of the Quartier Dix30 commercial lifestyle centre. 
To the left in the distance, you can now see the top of the Hotel Alt Dix30, your destination for this journey. Keep this is your sights - it is your beacon to reaching your final destination. Walk straight down Avenue des Lumières, French for the Avenue of Lights, the heart of this area. At the very end of the avenue, head left towards the Alt Hotel.
Like a light beaming up into the sky, the hotel towers above you, its cozy rooms and air-conditioned lobby beckoning you inside. 

Congratulations, you have successfully completely your journey, and arrived at Mysterium!